Monday, November 16, 2015


This morning my puppy, my darling one, slipped away.  She woke up struggling to breathe while I was away in Atlanta, and breathed her last in my daughter's lap on the way to the emergency clinic. I don't know what happened - the emergency vet thought it was abdominal cancer.

I feel so blessed that I got to share my life with Mimosa, and so bereft now that she is gone. I don't even know how to explain how much I loved my girl, but I will just start, since I can't grieve until I write down my grief.

I got Mimosa nine years ago in April. My beloved Brigadune had passed away, and that caused my health problems to skyrocket. A wonderful woman in Idaho emailed me and said "I think I have your dog." "What? I cannot go to Idaho to get a dog!" So we left it at that.

But I got more and more sick, unable to heal when I was grieving, so we looked for another corgi. Up and down the east coast. But no where could we find my dog. Finally, my dear husband said - "What about that dog in Idaho?" We had been planning on a trip for me to get away for a couple of days, so after much urging, I went to Idaho. And there was my girl, Mimosa.  I brought her home in a carrier by my feet in the airplane, and she was good as gold. And she never changed. Really, the worst she ever did was eat all the cardboard centers out of all of my toilet paper rolls. Why? Why not?

Mimosa has been my third girl, happy to play with her human girls. She slept in our bed every night for nine years. Honestly, I'm so sad that I'm finding that I cannot even write. So I will put photos instead, so you can see how much joy Mimosa has brought us over the years.

Sleep well my little darling. Oh sleep well and wait for me.

Snow Princess

Air Corgi

Snow Queen