Where do you find calcium on a dairy free diet?

These numbers have been culled from many places - the amount of calcium is approximate, but this gives a good starting point.

salmon (canned with bones, 3oz) 200mg
sardines (canned with bones, 3 oz) 350mg
canned shrimp (3 oz) 35mg
turnip greens (1 cup) 165-200mg
collard greens (1 cup) 357mg
bok choy (1 cup) 158mg
broccoli (1 cup) 90mg
dandelion greens (1 cup) 147mg
mustard greens (1 cup) 103mg
kale (1 cup) 180-200mg
white beans (1 cup) 130mg
almonds (1 oz) 80mg

*****Spinach, swiss chard and rhubarb have calcium, but we are not able to use it.

We actually do eat goat milk now. It's an acquired taste, but we enjoy goat cheese!

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