Friday, June 26, 2015

Top Ten Things I never Thought I'd Say (but said in the past month)

10. I'll be up to bed in a second - I have to make sure the chicks are tucked in!

9. Yes I have to go to the post office right now. I know it is 9am on a Sunday but they have my chickens!

8. My legs are going numb from the hours I've spent in a camp chair watching chickens.

7. Wait - I've got to change. I've got goat drool on my leg.

6. My back is killing me - it's so hard to hold onto a goat while you clip their toes, even if you pin their leg between your knees.

5. What do you mean "Why are there hoofprint on your jeans?" Oh. Yeah.

4. Hold on, I can't hear you - let me put the chicken down.

3. I don't think there is such a thing as chicken scratch fever, but put some peroxide on that just in case.

2. If there is a chicken on your back, then yes, I think you should wash the shirt before wearing it again.

1.  Tomorrow I think I'll shave a goat.

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