Saturday, May 16, 2015

December 16, 2010 Christmas

Another hour, another day,
Another literary attempt.
Please bear with me as I write.
How fast this year came and went!

What did we do with all our time?
Oh Shutterfly, please remind me!
I’ll leaf through photos, refresh my mind,
And in memory lane I’ll find thee. (alphabetically!)

A is for apple picking,
In the Asheville mountains!
B is for beach trips
and new shells (fountains)!

C is for chickens
We raised for Uncle Nick
C is for camping at
D for Disneyworld (click!)
(LOTS of photos now that the kids
can man the cameras!)

E Eloise loves pottery,
And F is for fishing.
G is for gardening,
For food for our dishing.
(Yeah, I’m reaching for that rhyme –
Just ignore that and keep going)

H is for horses,
Which the girls just adore.
I is for ice skating,
So they won’t hit the floor.

J is for juggling
(Daddy is in the know).
K is for Kailee,
Who draws like a pro.

L is for lottery,
Which we’d all like to win
(no, we did not, but we’d like to!)
M is for museums and musicals.
We see plenty of them!

N is for nifty,
Which is just a neat word.
O is for oompa loompas,
In the girls’ play that we heard.
(Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

P is for pool,
And R for rock climbing.
S is for science and state fairs,
And T is for timing.
(Which it took much of to enter
10 projects/kid in the fair)

U is for upstairs
Of which we have none.
V is for very
Cause we have very much fun.

W is for women
And here we have three
X is for Bee-Xing
For Chris, King of the Honeybee.

Y is for yesterday
At which we have looked.
Z is for zoo,
Hope this poem had you hooked.

And now we are done
With our new Christmas card.
All that rhyming was easy.
No, I’m kidding – it’s hard.

We hope you have warmth
And meet many new friends.
And that YOU have wonderful memories
Of the year as it ends.

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