Saturday, May 16, 2015

January 19, 2014 A flower a day....

I'm not sure how I could possibly ever stay discouraged.  How could anyone who has my God stay down and out?  I was talking with someone one day, and mentioned that every day God gives me a gift.  It feels as though every day He gives me a flower.  I always love getting flowers.  I don't get them often, maybe 15 times or so in my life.  (I think my hubbie would bring more to me, but it's a bit hard when you ride a motorcycle to work....).  Anyway, I love them.  And every single solitary day God gives me one.  Perhaps nothing that would mean anything to someone else, but these little things mean the world to me.  And sometimes He throws in a whole bouquet.

Today was a bouquet.  A bouquet of plastic cats!  You see, one of the things that my daughters miss the most has been their cat and dog play sets.  We got them a few years ago, and they have always loved them.  The dog set was still available, but nowhere could I find the cat set.  And believe me, I am GOOD at surfacing the internet and finding things.  And to complicate the matter, it needs to be new. So, I've been looking for over a year for this set.

Today I went to Amazon, getting ready for a birthday next month.  I thought, well, maybe I'll just get the dog set and let the kids split it.  I added the dog set to the cart and thought, well, just for kicks I'll check out the cat set (I've checked it for almost 18 months and it is never available, new or used).  And today, there it was.  Only one.  And brand new, unopened, even though it is not made anymore.  And it was the regular price, not even a crazy price for a rare item!  There it is, a bouquet of plastic cats.  Coincidence?  .......

Just don't tell Eloise.  We still have a month til her birthday!!!

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