Saturday, May 16, 2015

July 16, 2010 If only we were upside-down!

I've been listening to the most delicious conversation.

Look at the ceiling - wouldn't that be a cool floor? (this said while dangling heads off the couch, upside-down)
Yes! It would be like a playground!
We could slide down the ceiling (the vaulted ceiling)
And you would jump down into the entryway ceiling!
And the living room ceiling looks like a carpet on one side and a sandbox on the other side.
We'd have to climb the walls to turn on the lights.
We could reach the ceiling fan and use it to fling our dolls around!
And wouldn't it be cool to ride the ceiling fan!
a little moment of silence.....
But then we couldn't reach the stove.
another moment of silence.....
But we could reach the lights - we could use those for grills, I'm pretty sure!
It would be odd to have white floors and brown ceilings.
I wonder if the dogs would walk around on the ceiling or the floor? Do you think the fish would fall out of his tank?
And would the outside be like that? Would we ride our bikes on the trees?

They've wandered off now to go pet the baby chicks.

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