Saturday, May 16, 2015

December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

December's here already
The days are flying fast.
We have to really scramble
As the kids go sliding past.

We must announce sweet news -
We are so very pleased!
The new addition to our family -
A thousand million bees!

The new girls keep Chris busy
And make honey by the hour.
Now Chris plays drums and guitar
And waits for trees to flower.

Heidi's doing pottery.
She loves to work with clay.
And in between she trains the dog
And writes and draws each day.
(yeah... more like tries to each week,
but that just didn't rhyme.)

Berry picking, 4H clubs,
Camps, classes - museums too,
Skating, travel (to Canada, eh?)
So many things to do!

Homeschool’s been a fun wild ride.
We wake up when we please!
Spanish, art and science -
The girls cover all with ease.

Mom is sometimes frazzled,
Dad bravely steps into the fray,
But we are thankful for our family
Each and every single day.

We are so very happy,
We have so much you see -
When you have enough love around you,
Who cares 'bout the economy?

And so our wish for you
On this cold December eve,
Is that you too see your riches
And in the important things.…


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