Saturday, May 16, 2015

June 14, 2010 Conversations with a Six Year Old

Tonight I prayed with my six year old.... "Amen."
"Yes sweetie?"
"Don't you think it would be better if you said 'in His glorious Son's name' instead of just Amen?"
"uhhh... yeah, yes, that probably would be better."
"Mom, can a tick really swell up to the size of a blueberry?"
"Oh, that would be like me swelling up to the size of my room. I don't think I want to be all swollen up. If I ate the house I'd be all swollen up, wouldn't I?"
"Yep, probably."
"If the whole house was made of jello and I ate it, I'd get all swollen up I bet. But, you know, just the house, not the dogs. Or the cats. Or, well, anything alive - just the house would be made of jello. Mom, are people or dogs smarter?"
"Yeah. Cause people can get through mazes much better. People are smarter than dogs. We're smarter than pigs too. AND we do not push dirt around with our noses. And we do not have little corkscrew tails. In fact, we do not have tails at all. Mimosa doesn't have a tail either, but we are smarter. We're not all furry either. Yawwwwnnnnn."
"Time for bed."
"Yep. Goodnight Mom!"
"Goodnight sweetie."

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